Thirlmere’s Shackleton Expedition Day

Shackleton Expedition Experience

Last week, Thirlmere class visited Waterpark, Coniston to take part in a Sir Ernest Shackleton Experience Day.  We had studied the story and watched the films, and now was a chance to hopefully relive some of the experiences he might have had.

Children had to row \ canoe to our first base of Elephant Island, where they were required to use their canoes and ropes and tarpaulin to create a shelter for the day.  Meanwhile, the leader (Shackleton) took five more crew members and set sail for rescue to South Georgia.

The children were brave enough to try some of the foods that Shacketon and his men would have had with them – dried biscuits, Bovril and Penguin blubber (fish).

We awaited the return and rescue by the Shackleton crew later in the day.

Everyone survived!




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