About Us

At Barrow Island Primary School we want children to 

‘be the best they can be’.


  • We endeavour to create an environment where children achieve.
  • We believe in high aspirations, mutual respect, independence and hard work.
  • Our children will be active learners who are curious, self-motivated individuals – equipped for their future.
  • We abide by the Golden Rules.

Golden Rules

  • We are gentle
  • We are kind and helpful
  • We listen
  • We are honest
  • We work hard
  • We look after property


Our curriculum will empower our children to achieve through a skills-based approach.

Curriculum Aims

General aims (taken from the National Curriculum 2014)
Our curriculum is balanced and broadly based, it:-

  • promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at school and of society.
  • prepares pupils at the school for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.
  • follows the statutory national curriculum which sets out in programmes of study, on the basis of key stages, subject content for those subjects that should be taught to all pupils.
  • teaches religious education to pupils at every key stage.
  • we make provision for personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE) and a daily act of collective worship.

Specific aims

  • To develop creative, independent, confident and enthusiastic readers and writers.
  • To develop a love of maths, with the confidence to apply knowledge in a range of contexts.
  • To collaborate effectively with parents and the wider community.
  • To foster positive attitudes to individualised lifelong learning.
  • To be a cohesive, creative school.
  • To experience and appreciate a range of culturally diverse communities, locally and globally.

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