Here are the songs and words for our Key Stage 2 2022 Christmas show, ‘Mrs Humbug’. Please have a listen at home and help your child learn the words. Bear in mind that we have cast a girl in the traditional ‘male’ lead role, so the children will be learning certain songs with different pronouns to the ones on the songs.


Thank you.



Click HERE for Mrs Humbug song words


Going Crackers (backing track)


Christmas is Banned (backing track)


Old Miss Pincher (backing track)


This Time of Year (backing track)


We’ve Had a Belly Full (backing track)


Horribly Wrong (backing track)


She’s Seen the Light (backing track)


Going Crackers (reprise – backing track)


Going Crackers (with vocals)


Christmas is Banned (with vocals)


Old Miss Pincher (with vocals)


This Time of Year (with vocals)


We’ve Had a Belly Full (with vocals)


Horribly Wrong (with vocals)


She’s Seen the Light (with vocals)

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